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What is a designer?

by on January 19, 2011

“Every human being is a designer”. I agree with this statement simply because everything in life is designed for a purpose. For example, in the movie Objects they show the recreation of everyday tools and how they are remade for better functionality. If you create something you give it certain features for a reason, therefore it can be considered designed. In the article “What is a Designer?” The author takes that idea and compares it to other professions.  The writer begins by breaking his argument done into three types of design product design, environmental design, and communication design.  Within these three types of design the professions for product design ranges from engineers to studio pottery makers.  They can altogether be considered designers because they all have an initial plan or idea they take and make authentic for the rest of the world to see. When it comes to architecture its obvious all buildings are designed. Even looking back at ancient buildings such as cathedrals all of the features in them had a legitimate purpose with decorative qualities.  As pleasing to the eye is always the architects intent, flying buttresses and beveled arches were designed first then ornamented.  The same way a architect designs a building, a pottery maker first sculpts their piece for functionality the ornaments it with embellishments.  When it comes to design its not about what is made, it’s about how it was created. Why do we need this? How does it benefit others? What is its intention? These are all questions anyone asks himself or herself before bringing their ideas to life.  You don’t have to be a artist to be a designer. If you look at something as simple as a fork a designer made it.  The number of prongs on it, the length of the handle, how large it is, etc. and the same rule applies to a webpage. Anything that is created to have a specific purpose was designed.  Many designers go to school for what they do, but that does not make someone any less of a designer if they don’t.  Schooling is a tool to fine-tune the skills you already have to direct one into the profession they are pursuing. Even though classes will help designers. A designer teaches him or herself through practice.  Everything in everyday life at one point started off as an idea someone had. The word “design “ is just another word we use to describe how it was made.  Take a gourmet cook for example, we can say they cooked a delicious meal or you could say the designed a delectable entrée, both would be right. Usually when a chef makes a dish there’s the main course then the side dishes all of the side dishes are designed or intended to complement the meal as an entirety.  Just as a chef creates a meal we all use the similar thought processes in making other things.


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  1. Amy Sithibandith permalink

    I agree with you in everything you bought up. I believe every human being is a designer because even when we were younger, the things that we created, even though we might not have known so at the time, was designed. Most of the things that are designed had a purpose and had some sort of thought process to them whether big or small.

  2. devin0verbey permalink

    I can agree with most of this response, but when you mention that “When it comes to design its not about what is made, it’s about how it was created.” Is that necessarily true? Most designs carry a use or message that’s meant to benefit the viewer, so why would the focus be on how its made. If a designer was commissioned to do a poster would the commissioner or viewer be more concerned with what program it was made in or how well it conveys the message.

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