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by on April 13, 2011

In the reading, Quietude by Kenneth Fitzgerald he discusses critical writing as it relates to the design world. In reference to this, Fitzgerald states “No market exists for critical writing.” Quietude goes on to discuss how designers don’t want to take criticism nor do they want to read about it.”

Fitzgerald believes that this is partly because the design world is such a small community, that friends are writing about friends. If designers are too critical of their peers, design community gatherings would be uncomfortable. He writes that because the design community is so small we must stick together and cannot afford to make enemies.

Fitzgerald goes on to talk about how people are prone to listen to “celebrity designers” even if they have nothing important to say. He says sarcastically “Preeminent people who walk into our temple on their own to kneel at the shrine receive our full attention-even when they have little to say.”

I disagree with Fitzgerald’s points in this reading. If there is no market  for critical writing and if he has truly given up on it ever developing in the design field, why does he bother to continue writing?

Secondly, I don’t believe that the design community is as small as Fitzgerald makes it sound in this writing. Even so, as long as you are truly giving constructive criticism no one can be mad, instead they should appreciate it.

I do however agree with Fitzgerald that often times people listen to celebrities simply because they are who they are. I believe that everyone has an opinion and deserves a chance to be heard before they are dismissed simply because of who they are.


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  1. I agree with you, I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism, how else will I improve as a designer? If anything, I would enjoy the people more who critique my work, because they would be some of my biggest fans. Whether is is appreciated or disliked, its the attention I get that would help continue to make better designs.

    • You are absolutely right. Everyone thinks that saying something bad about someone’s work has to be a negative thing. It all depends on how you present it. There is a kind a professional way to critique someones work even if you are saying that you don’t like it.

  2. Yeah, you just have to find the right approach. Not everything has to be done in a mean manor. You can be polite and same something negative at the same time. I guess some people just don’t understand that.

  3. Alexandria Walker permalink

    Ok yall two are hilarious, but anyway… I think that the design community may be considered small in the eyes of the general public, but with the amount of art students and AIGA members and other organizations, I believe that we have a pretty large community. At least in my opinion, at every art event there will be criticism, whether voiced to the artist or just aloud. Its there, its said and its constructive.

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