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Ornamental Stuff and Things

by on April 13, 2011

Ornamental design is some of the most visually interesting style artist and designers can use. Its typically seen in magazines, commercials, competitions, and packaging. As long as the ornamentation complements the overall design rather than clutter it, the out come is something very unique and original. The article “The decriminalization of ornament” discuses the history and the use of ornamental design and also describe why it was abandoned then reawaken.

Similar to how fashion comes and goes through its phases then recycles itself over the years designers do the same thing. In the past ornamental design was innovative, creative, and distinctive. People who weren’t use to it saw it as something fresh for the design world. The problem occurred when too much of a good thing became bad. The more and more ornamental design was created the less the quality and original it became. To fix it designers went back to simplistic clean design to compensate for the overuse of ornamenting, but still united the ornamentation with their clean design style. This created a new form of simplistic ornamentation that we often see today.

To see ornamentation as a crime is something I completely disagree with. Just like all things there’s a time and a place for all design. The key to using it is knowing when to and when not to use it. For example., hp use to have a commercial for their laptops with special effects expressing the celebrities lifestyles in their hand movements as they told the viewer a brief story of what they did. It was hp’s response to being generalized in the pc world as uncreative and bland.

That design style for those commercials expressed exactly what hp wanted to without having to show any performance of there system whatsoever successfully.

Apple uses a non ornamental design style that fits their sales technique just as well. For the new iPad and iPhone they simply show you exactly what you can do in realtime. It’s a effective way to sell their products because it gives you the feeling that your actually using it yourself.

When it comes to using ornamental design successfully using it so it compliments your work or what you are trying to express is what’s important.


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