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Quietude (Emigre #64:Rant)

by on April 13, 2011

I can kind of agree the Kenneth when he says the passions are running low, just within my class and the classes before me in comparison to the classes behind me. It seems like the love for the art from and the free spirit,rebellious wanting to be the next big thing attitude has begun to subside. Kenneth’s quote “Anyone hoping for waves is waiting for someone else to make them,” is deep and so true. Its often the case in the design world, designers think that just having great designs is enough to “make waves” presenting a lot of sumptuous yet trivia lworks . There’s selling the work getting your name out there, you have the look below the superficial layer of, yea that a great design, and got to, did thise person just get lucky, is there any passion or reasoning, does the design matte. As stated in the reading  there needs to be heat for light and your work needs to strike matches  not just eyes


The Discrimination of Ornament

I think that there’s a time and place for ornaments,and when used correctly they can be an affective part of the entire design, but the issue is that the have been so misused over the years that peoples taste for good ones has dulled and the appreciation factor has depleted. When the readings says that ornaments is a  part of the dominate visual language it don’t quite agree with that. I think they just add to the ascetics. In most cases the work can or could be just a powerful without the extra. Ornaments should not be used lightly, they need to be correctly places and presented, because they can make a piece better or destroy it with grotesque extra nonsense.


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  1. I disagree that passion is fading. I feel that in our classes sometime students are given assignments they do not like and so they are not as passionate about them as they are with others. In the real world, they would simply turn down this design opportunity and move on to something else.

    • Alexandria Walker permalink

      I agree with you so much here. Many of my projects I start off very passionate about and then it fades. By critique time I am ready to be done with a project and move on. Not to mention that some critiques take forever and are extremely boring.

  2. I also disagree that passion is fading. While in school (no matter the class) passion for the subject has a lot to do with who is teaching it and how it is being taught. I know many people in lower level classes that are bubbling over with passion for design and the projects they are currently working on.

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